Remember Delaware?

349px-Seal_of_Delaware.svgFull of rich history and colorful inhabitants, the First State might be small geographically, but it’s really BIG culturally. Home to a vast array of communities from farming, business, and intellectual pursuits to politics, Delaware is one of the most iconic states in the USA.

As the sixth most densely populated state, it’s no wonder that there are and have been great things happening to be remembered there.

There’s tons to do if you’re just visiting Delaware, from camping and state parks to museums. Check out everything Delaware has to offer by visiting it’s official government website.

Like all places, Delaware has its fair share of successes and failures, particularly in the case of businesses and entrepreneurships that have come and gone over the years. Remember Delaware wants to bring back some of those once successful business ventures and put them back in the light of memory, for without failure there can be no success.


About Delaware

600px-Flag_of_Delaware.svgThe state was named after the Delaware River which then acquired its name from Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr (1577– 1618), the governer of the Colony of Virginia at the time the river was first discovered by Europeans.

The Delaware Indians, a name utilized by Europeans for Lenape folks native to the Delaware Valley, likewise acquire their name from the very same source.


Here’s some quick facts to remember about Delaware!

The Delaware State bird is the blue hen. BlueHenChicken
Delaware’s flower is the peach blossom.


The capital of Delaware is Dover.


The largest city in Delaware is Wilmington.